Get all the Medicare benefits you deserve

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    What Is It?

    First and foremost, EZ Medicare 4 U will educate you on what Medicare exactly is and what it provides. 

    What Are My Options?

    After educating you from A to D we will explore and explain the options to best understand what you will be getting. 

    Get Enrolled

    After selecting you the Medicare plan that is right for you, EZ Medicare will get you enrolled and your card will be on the way.

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    No paperwork necessary, we file everything electronically

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    Get your Medicare Advantage Card in just 90 days

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    No more coverage issues when going to the doctor or dentist

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    Follow up guaranteed after 30, 60, and 90 days

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    A missing piece to a prosperous retirement

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    Low to no monthly premiums. You have earned this

    Medicare Supplements Agent in Chicago